My father had kept a number of photographs that were taken during the war years. He had also collected a number of official photographs that were taken by photographers with the Australian Imperial Forces. I have also included a number of personal photographs.

The new recruit, 1941.

This photograph was taken in 1941. The reverse of the photograph records the actual date however the details have been obscured by a piece of paper that had been glued to the photograph.

Recruitment photograph
Reverse of recruitment photograph

Singapore, November 2nd, 1941.

New World Amusement Park, Singapore. Francis Xavier Larkin Snr is photographed with Noel Austin, Jack Dickinson and Harold Day. The reverse of the photograph provides details for each of the three soldiers.
Singapore leave photograph
Singapore leave photograph close up
Reverse of Singapore Leave photograph

Ohama, Japan, September, 1944.

The original copy of this photograph was taken on the day that Francis Xavier Larkin Snr arrived at the Ohama Coal Mining Company. The photograph was taken on or about September 7th, 1944.

Frank Larkin at Ohamma POW Camp
Frank Larkin at Ohamma POW Camp

Ohama, Japan. August, 1945.

This photograph was taken on or about August 21st, 1945. Arrangements were made for a photographer to capture the moment as a record of their time in the camp. View a high resolution copy of the photograph.

Australian soldiers at Ohamma POW Camp
Frank Larkin at Ohamma POW Camp

Frank and his brother, Bill Larkin.

I am not sure when this photograph at left was taken. Pictured with Bill and Frank are two of the family dogs, Little Black and Old Toby.

Frank Larkin and his brother Bill
Reverse of photograph showing Frank and Bill Larkin
Frank Larkin and his brother Bill Close up

Francis Xavier Larkin Snr.

This photograph was probably taken in 1945, following Frank’s return to Australia. I am not sure of the exact date when the photograph was taken.

Portrait photograph of Frank Larkin

Frank passed away June 7th, 2001.

Frank passed away on June 7th, 2001. A flag was draped over his casket and the “Last Post” was also played in recognition of his war service.

Funeral for Frank Larkin
Death notice for Frank Larkin
Funeral notice for Frank Larkin